Action Wednesday is a global social impact organization, OUR mission is to make progress for gender equality through action.

By calling for everyone to take action, the organization will educate and enable both men and women, on an economic, social and political scale, to close the gender gap.

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, Action Wednesday will harness the impactful efforts of progressive organizations, to advocate long term changes based on action.

Action Wednesday 2017 calls for eight actions to be set in motion by everyone: 

DonateGather, TeachLeadSeedBuildContact and Reach.


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Ashley Carroll


Co-founder of ActionWednesday. An activist and philanthropist, Ashley is the founder and development director of BeSomeone Worldwide, a nonprofit that provides education, opportunity and relief in both the United States and developing countries. She has provided earthquake disaster relief in Nepal, overseen the construction of a water reservoir and a four-room classroom school in Tanzania. In the US, she teaches social impact and leadership skills to youth. Ashley transitioned from a career as a business analyst for a large corporation into a social impact entrepreneur after an around the world backpacking trip. That trip, which ended in rural Tanzania, was the catalyst for much of her global development work. From starting a jewelry project, to building an indigenous run school in Maasailand, her projects support gender equity and women's empowerment.  
Raised in a small southern town, by strong supportive educator parents, Ashley’s main motivation for ActionWednesday is to unite across the divides, beyond politics, and focus on creating a truly equal society.



Ellen Rosner Feig


Co-founder of Action Wednesday, an organization focused on motivating individuals to engage in action furthering equality for all genders. Ellen is currently a associate professor in the department of Composition and Literature at Bergen Community College and a director of the Center for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation, a center focused on genocide studies and restorative justice. She has served as Griot Fellow for Malaria No More/ONE and a Carl Wilkens Fellow for United to End Genocide, and won the award for excellence in Philanthropy/Entrepreneurship from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. As an attorney, her practice includes international rights, restorative justice, contractual negotiation and social impact strategy. She has received a degree from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government for Leadership and Organization, and is currently finishing post-doctoral work in social impact strategy through a consortium that includes MIT/Stanford/Berkeley and UPenn.



Sophie Sutherland


Co-founder of Action Wednesday. Action Wednesday is a social impact initiative to motivate men and women to take steps towards a gender equal world, by providing tangible actions which everyone can take. Sophie, has spent most of her career as a live journalist, curating global conferences across finance, economics, technology, innovation, education, human and social capital issues and more. Over the past 15 years she has worked for organizations including: Financial Times, Social Progress Imperative, Publicis Live, NewsCred, NYC Media Lab, The Economist, Institutional Investor, Incisive Media and others. As a convener for progress through discussion and debate, the idea of taking action and motivating others to do the same, was initially out of her comfort zone, but quickly became an incredibly seductive idea.

Sophie is a Brit and has been living in NYC for the past 11 years. As a mixed-race immigrant, raising a multi-racial daughter along with her Texan husband, she has quite a lot of skin in the game.