Action: Seed | Violet Ayoub

Violet Ayoub is on of the most ambitious, courageous women to achieve the loftiest of goals- creating leaders and role models capable of creating opportunity in their community by attacking social and economic difficulties head on. How does this young woman under 30 plan to achieve success and what does that look like?

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Action: Build | Ashley Carroll

Build: your awareness. Educate yourself through workshops & conferences advocating female empowerment

Whether it is constructing a school in rural Africa or creating a jewelry line to empower women through means of an income or teaching workshops for youth to learn business skills, for Ashley Carroll building has become her life’s work.


Founder of the non-profit, BeSomeOne Worldwide, Ashley embodies the organizations mission to giving back. Ashley is exemplary in action and advocacy for women's and girl's rights. Be Someone focuses on the strengths and potential of those in Tanzania and her projects build upon these. Ashley has taken action against the under-utilization of women in the village, starting with ensuring they know how important they are and can be. Recognizing women and girls as a necessary resource in building economic and social progress, she has made extraordinary progress in building the role of women in rural Africa.

She spends most of her time learning from women around her who inspire her, whether it is sitting in a board room in New York City on a floor with elementary kids in Tennessee, dressed in Maasai clothing sharing stories of Tanzania or sipping chai in a mud hut cooking over coal, Ashley’s goal in life is to build laughter and embrace the humanity we all have in common.

Building schools, building awareness and education and building sustainable skill sets in a developing country, Ashley is a woman of action in our move toward gender equality on an International scale.

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