Action: Seed | Violet Ayoub


Seed: Plant the seed for women in business by funding women owned organizations

Violet Ayoub is on of the most ambitious, courageous women to achieve the loftiest of goals- creating leaders and role models capable of creating opportunity in their community by attacking social and economic difficulties head on. How does this young woman under 30 plan to achieve success and what does that look like?

Violet’s story is not an uncommon story. Raised by her grandmother, they didn’t have the money for advance secondary education, a luxurious expense for the majority of the developing world. Violet, innovative and fearless took her own experience and started at the age of 16 working with youth and the less fortunate. A few years later, she founded Vision4Youth, and began teaching youth how to be resourceful entrepreneurs. Whether she is teaching kids how to make to sell soap in markets, working on clean charcoal projects, teaching youth how to make and sell charcoal that will not pollute women and girls cooking in their huts over fire, or traveling to rural villages to host workshops on health and hygiene issues, Violet is leading the charge in creating a better tomorrow for both genders.


On my recent trip to Tanzania, Violet took me out to a plot of land between the two mountains of Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Women with babies strapped to their backs in khangas were working along side the men, harvesting green beans. Her eyes beamed with pride as she walked me down the rows of vegetables, explaining her newest venture. In amazement of this young woman, I asked, “But Violet, what do you know about onions or green beans?”

“Oh my dear, three months ago, I knew nothing. I saw this as a good investment to supplement the income for Vision4Youth. So, I went and I started meeting with farmers, asking them about fertilizer, about their profit margins on every crop, reading everything I could. I lost nearly the whole first plot I planted to bugs, but I am learning.”

Violet saw this as an opportunity to not only be able to give women an income who were not employable, but also bring in revenue to expand their reach for empowering youth.


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